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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 - After Bella gave birth to Renesmee, not only she embraces her life becoming a Vampire but they meanwhile find themselves in a lot of trouble when the Volturi received a false accusation about her being a new-born (since they ****ed shit up a long time ago). And now they must gather an army of vampires because the Volturi will be out to kill them.

Yes, it's finally here the finale of the Twilight Saga. Now, I was supposed to do some reviews of the past 4 to countdown to this but I didn't have the time. But to be honest, I kinda enjoyed the first one, the last 3 not that much. At some point of the saga i enjoy very little snippets of it but I always hate the way every movie is written and executed. This movie on the other hand i found myself enjoying more scenes than that. Does that mean I like this movie, Not really. Let me explain.

Before i can go to anything, I'll try to not compare anything from the book, A movie is a movie after all. I'll judge it for what it is. hence, for what it is, It is still a piece of shit. First of all why I don't like the film. The writing of the dialogue and how the movie progresses is still done very poorly, as always. To be honest everytime i go in a Twilight movie (probably after New Moon) I expect that they will somehow correct their wrongs but they just don't and in this movie they still didn't bother. Making a movie based on a source material is having that opportunity where you can correct your wrongs from the books and make the movie even better than the book (hence, Perks of Being A Wallflower is the prime example for this kind of topic now). Flaws like the acting, writing, directing are still not good. The acting is still bearable to watch and the writing is still bad. Like i said I did read the books and all i can remember from the Breaking Dawn book that the ending of the book felt rushed and anti-climactic for a "Finale" this on the other hand was kinda like that but there was this mid-section of that scene where it just went all out and it was just mind-blowing and entertaining (for me atleast). The other problem here is the development as much as I think this movie is bad I just wish that they developed some characters here and there. I remember some interaction here and there about those other Vampires in the book, because there were a few Vampires here and there are only in the background (meaning they barely done anything at all) and when they do give some Vampires some sort of development, it felt forced and unnecessary. 

The pacing of this movie still feels a bit less compared to the past 4, but throughout the first half there wasn't any intensity (oddly enough  they were still able celebrate Christmas when the Volturi are coming for their heads). The intensity shows in that one particular scene that i was talking about in that battle scene. At some point of the first half felt like nothing is barely even happening (as always) probably after the parts where they invite all these Vampires to fight along with them. You might ask me was it worth it to have Breaking Dawn in two parts? Not really; Part 1 felt like a Music Video there were many scenes that i wished they did cut off to fit this and the first part together it would've been a good choice having two parts separated just feels unnecessary,. Speaking of Music Video, the way they transition some scenes with lyrical music is very awkward it's like how a Phil Collins song will come up in a really really deep scene (ex: Brother Bear), it's that awkward. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (Taylor Lautner needs to be good in a few more movies to prove that he can be a good actor) can be good actors but they can't in this movie and the writing is to blame. The writing for these movies felt very soap opera, and by saying that i mean it in a very bad way. I don't know why but what was the director doing?  The studio hires great directors (even David Slade who directed 30 Days of Night directed Eclipse and Eclipse still fails) and it felt like they can't really give their all to deliver a good Twilight movie that can be likeable to both fans and non-fans, why couldn't they? But the ones who did stood out to me was Billy Burke as always as Bella's dad, I've always liked him in the past movies being this real dad (not quite a convincing cop since everytime they cut to him he is barely doing anything that a cop does). And also Michael Sheen as Aroh, who is fairly good in this movie (though I don't remember anything in the book of him dressing up like a My Chemical Romance fan) as a flamboyant Vampire villain. Lastly that one Vampire that I can call a Vampire, Garrett. He is probably the only Vampire in this entire saga that we can get, I thought he wasn't bad at all. And also those other two Vampires, Stefan and Vladimir I thought they weren't that bad as well, So pretty much the supporting cast are better than the lead actors, except for Maggie Grace she can kill herself (oh wait she did...).If there is one last thing to bash about this movie it is the fact of how shitty the special effects or should i say "Special Effects". The special effects in this movie shows how horrible it is compared to the last 4, That scene of Bella running in Vampire speed was just awkward to look at, Especially that shot of the baby is just haunting to look at (when you watch the movie you'll see). The wolves are fine, but that baby and the Vampires running are just bad to look at.  

In the end Twilight is still bad, though there were scenes here and there that i find satisfying and enjoyable, but the entirety of it is basically bad. The way i see the Twilight films . For an ending I actually thought it was not a bad ending (though i do like the way it should have ended by that one particular scene). Director, Bill Condon was able to deliver an entertaining enough Twilight movie with some ballsiness (It's a word now) sprinkled in here and there. I'm happy that these movies are over and hopefully if they will re-make this movie, that shit better be dark and gritty. It still has the same flaws and unfortunately didn't bother correcting them, The ending isn't quite perfect but it was better than the book version, Hardcore fans won't bother what I'm saying here anyways. Hardcore fans will still love it, but for people like me you could be two sided with it. For a guy like me, you'll get pulled in to this movie if you have a demanding Twi-hard as your girlfriend. You might find yourselves entertained by that one particular scene (as much as how anti-climactic the reveal was). It got a good run, I have memories of laughing so hard of how bad the past movies were. It was a good laugh. This movie being the last was admittedly a better ending than the book. I'm glad it's all over. 


THE BAD (-):


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