Saturday, November 3, 2012


This is probably the biggest yet most surprising news this week. I literally woke up, opened my computer (besides amusing pictures about the topic on my facebook feed) saying that Disney now owns Lucasfilms which is the studio behind both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films both created by George Lucas. 
"I see a new home for the Death Star, right there next to Tomorrow Land"

With Disney buying Lucasfilms what will happen now? Well, from what we heard. Disney already announced to expect a 7th Star Wars film (no the CG Clone Wars movie doesn't count) in the year 2015 (expect a Star Wars theme park in Disneyland soon). Now that wasn't something out of the blue. You can actually tell this deal has been in talks for years now. from the past years before this deal was ever done you can tell Disney and Lucasfilms have always been 50/50 about everything. Sure they had a ride named after Indiana Jones and some other bits of Star Wars here and there so i guess this time Disney crosses the line and start making this deal. 

Fans of the Star Wars franchise are two-sided of the choice. Then again to those who keeps crying that "Star Wars is Dead" forgot the fact that Star Wars died 13 years ago (Remember, Remember the 19th of May). Do i see this as good news? Hell Yeah! George Lucas not directing or writing Star Wars or Indiana Jones related is the best thing i heard since Nicolas Cage is going to be in a good movie (Kick-Ass). We've seen this play out in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Empire Strikes Back being the best of the series) and Return of The Jedi and they are both great in the series (But IV was great as well, that's all i can give for Lucas) but George Lucas both directed and written Episodes I, II and III. Imagine a great Star Wars film without George Lucas fucking shit up and letting the grown-ups do their thing. 

The 7th Film being handled by Disney worries me. The blockbuster movies Disney keeps putting up lately have been pretty weak. Blockbusters like Pirates of The Caribbean (from Dead Man's Chest to Stranger Tides), Tron: Legacy and John Carter (hopefully Lone Ranger wouldn't be part of the list) have been labelled as “good but could've been better” Hopefully (And i mean hopefully) the said new Star Wars trilogy won’t be under that list of movies. This being a continuation and all with Luke, Han, and Leia set to return. God knows they don’t look good anymore to reprise their roles.... Would this mean that Disney will be back putting CGI young versions of the actors like what they did to Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy? Or will they cast fresher actors (Please don’t choose Selena Gomez as Princess Leia)?. But what are the possibilities of the story, Will they have a clone of the sith lord storyline in the mix? 

The only continuity they have left is the fact that there are still more Emperial armies out there (even if they blew up the main branch). Would they adapt stories from the comics or books (Hopefully it won’t be convoluted like what Disney does to John Carter or Pirates of The Caribbean). If I would choose someone to direct the movie it could be Brad Bird (Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol, The Incredibles) or maybe even Jon Favreu to direct the 7th Film. Putting talks about Episode VII aside i heard that the development of videogames (such as Star Wars 1313) won’t be affected by any means. But what about Image Comics? Would that mean the Star Wars comics will move to Marvel now? Maybe when we hear more news.  Thinking about it, 2015 is a packed summer. You got Avengers 2, Justice League and now Star Wars Episode VII I don’t want to get my expectations too high for now I’ll just see and wait for years to come for the development of the film and how will the deal does effect on the studio properties itself (A good Indiana Jones movie this time perhaps?). If it's ever good, I'll be happy to say that I can't believe i was alive to see a good Star Wars movie on the big-screen.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited? Are you skeptical about this? Are you not on-board with this? talk about this under the comments below!

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