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It has come to this, My Top 10 BEST MOVIES of 2012! Unfortunately It may not be the best list as anyone else because the great movies  like Silver Linings Playbook, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Les Miserables, Zero Dark Thirty and Django Unchained probably because they are going to be released very late in the country I live in (Some in January and some comes out 2-3 months after) but now I need to put this out there now since we are reaching the end of the year and there weren't any great movies that I have seen recently to put here in this list. But before we go to the list itself we go through the forgotten, the honorable mentions, the movies that couldn't be in the list because of it got... well... Outmatched... Another thing, like i said in my Worst of 2012 list, You and I may or may not agree to something. I might sound like a douche, I respect your opinion but this is my list after all and lastly I will have a tribute video soon, I'm working on it and I will update this post soon.


 Rise of The Guardians 

Rise of the Guardians; is a uniquely visualized animated movies (besides #8), It has great characters that are very well thought out (though I still doubt Jack Frost's design to appeal to women), an engaging enough story that really touches on  your childhood a lot (that sounded wrong). But unfortunately it got beaten by no.10 and I would've loved this movie to be in no.10 at least.


2012 has many surprises and Dredd is one of them when it comes to Comic Book Movies (and other genres in general), It is a prime example of an enjoyable action movie with a simple linear plot and badass action (and characters).

End Of Watch

End of Watch is very underrated to be honest, This is a modern buddy cop movie that makes the movie atleast look good for the genre and also (somewhat) re-defines the found fooage genre, it was entertaining, surprisingly intense and well told.


Chronicle was something that re-defined the found footage genre, the found footage genre that would come out in theaters are either about ghosts that can't even be seen until the last second of the film or aliens on the moon. The genre is getting tiring but Chronicle somewhat re-defined the genre along with End of Watch this year. Chronicle was something new to grace the screen for the genre and it told a story of a whiny kid (who has been through a lot) that becomes an asshole because of the power he gained than George Lucas' Anakin (who is very similar to Dane Dehaan's character but badly told). I thought this could have been no.10 but the spot got beaten by it. In the end this was still able to get an honorable mention from me and that's good enough. 

10. Cloud Atlas and Rurouni Kenshin Samurai X (A Tie)

Cloud Atlas was something to think about putting in this list to be honest, Cloud Atlas is unique enough to be in the no.10 spot, The movie has some flaws but In the end the movie still stood out giving a message and i was very entertained by some segments, I was still confused by some parts (especially the further future segment because of the dialogue) but I believe i got enough. Overall I thought it was a challenging yet fantastic movie (And yet that is the title of the review)  but Rurouni Kenshin is as good as this and I can't choose so i made it a tie.


It's been years I've been waiting for a faithful adaptation to an anime for long years and we finally have it and it came out as not just the best adaptation to an anime but also an exciting and interesting take on an Anime classic. But I do wish this is in the top 10 list (trust me the reason why this list took long for me to write because of switching this and Cloud Atlas in the spot).

9. Cabin In The Woods

Cabin In The Woods, Is one of the biggest surprises i had this year. A Horror movie that takes it's extremes in making fun of the horror cliches and genres (almost) seriously (more serious than the Scary Movie films). It was executed very well and it ends up being my favorite horror movies of the year.

8. Wreck-It Ralph

Speaking of making fun of a specific genre we move on to Wreck It Ralph a movie that is also another surprise due to the fact that it features retro videogames in this Toy Story type of storytelling. It's well made from animation to writing and I thought that it was very entertaining and enjoyable.

7.  Skyfall

Skyfall, This movie literally goes back to basics and it is very welcoming to have James Bond back in a more personal story. It has great performances from Daniel Craig and Judi Dench as always but this time they have a villain in this modern Bond movie that actually stood out as probably one of the greatest Bond villains of an extensive series.

6. Looper

Looper is one of those movies that literally came out of nowhere. I was happy to go in this movie blind and end up enjoying the film without knowing what is going to happen next. It has great performances from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis (who is surprisingly good) and a kid who is not annoying at all (a damn good actor for his age). It is probably one of the best time-travel movies we ever have in modern cinema so far...

5. The Avengers

People will be pissed for me putting this movie in the number 5 spot but this is how high the movie can get. This year we had a great year of Superhero Movies (Fuck, Ghost Rider) and The Avengers was the epitome of Superhero Team movies. It was entertaining and nerdgasmic from start to finish and it was definitely something to watch again and again on the big screen.

4. Argo

Ludicrous is the best word to describe the even based on this movie and this movie alone, because that's the best way to describe it. It's mind blowing to know that this event did actually happened in real life using this crazy plan and I thought the filmmakers executed it very well in this movie. It is intense and entertaining at the same time with great performances from Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin, John Goodman and many more. Ben Affleck shows that he can make great movies and be a great actor at the same time.

 3. Moonrise Kingdom

I know it's a big surprise that an unknown movie like this will be in my Number 3 spot, here is why it deserves to be in this spot. This movie is what i call ballsy but also very unique for a children's film (in fact I don't even know If i should even be calling this a children's film) and you rarely see that in children films nowadays.

2. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises continues  to show how effective Nolan's version of Batman's world is and by this movie I thought that it illustrated the effectiveness well enough despite some little plot flaws here and there. It is still the best ending to an epic trilogy and it definitely deserves  to be in the Number 2 spot of the list.

1. The Perks of Being A Wallflower

The Perks of Being A Wallflower shows that in a movie adaptation the movie can actually be better than the source material (People might disagree on this). I thought that it is worthy to be in the no.3 spot because of how unique of an adaptation it is with really great performances from Ezra Miller, Logan Lerman and Emma Watson as they made me feel welcomed in this group of people and the world itself. This is easily the best movie i've seen this year.

And that was my list of the best Movies of 2012, Like i said with might disagree on things here but i will respect your opinion leaving that part away now. 2012 was a very good year for movies, there were more ups than downs this year and there are many surprises as well. to all my readers, I thank you very much for giving me a good start for this blog, I look forward for more fantastic years with you guys and girls. Thanks Again! 

So What Is Your Top 10 BEST MOVIES of 2012? Talk about it down below and let me know (please I sound lonely in this blog).

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