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Every Year you can't really expect a good movie, There has to be that kind of movie that pretty much tips the scale of good and bad movies of the year. This is my list of The bad, the Worst, The Terrible, The Shittiest, The Horrible movies of the year 2012. Fair warning, You might think that you like this movie in the list but it is MY list of Bad movies of 2012 in my opinion (not to be sounding like a dick or anything). 

10. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

I know I praised some of the things of this movie but that was just very few pros of the movie but alas the cons still outweighs the pros. Sure it was entertaining... For the most part but it was still a movie that never tried to at least have good direction (even if they had good directors working on this movie)  or at least exert a little more effort to deliver a good movie but instead it was people standing around just waiting for something to happened (and when it did happen it was actually a pretty entertaining fight scene).

9. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

As much as I hate this movie for having Nic Cage spewing out terrible dialogue and delivery (same to the cast). I still enjoyed the action scenes and the CGI of this movie, that being said that's not saying much now is it? It was still a bad Comic Book Movie (The only bad comic book movie of the year). 

8. Underworld Awakening

This movie shouldn't be done in the first place, the second one felt like everything ended now and you don't know what's next. The rise of the Lycans movie wasn't bad as i expected it to be but this one was just really bad filler. It was boring for the most part, The action was very bland and at some point it looks silly and incomplete. 

7. The Lucky One

Call me heartless or a person who doesn't understand love but this movie is just the same cliche and cheesy movie over and over again, When I got in this movie, I literally predicted everything the movie will give me, details like the setting and the progression of this movie. I appreciate the first 2 Nicholas Sparks movies like A Walk to Remember and The Notebook but the more movies it keeps pushing through the theaters, the less interest i have left for movies like this (and novels). Atleast The Vow is somewhat different...

6. Paranormal Activity 4

This movie is literally what I like to call a cash-grab, the sole purpose of this movie is to get this movie made and get it out there just for money because the past 3 movies are actually a big hit. The first movie I thought was something done for one movie (because you don't want it to end up like The Balir Witch Project who ends up having a DVD released sequel). But it proved me wrong the second one I enjoyed and the third one is pretty solid and it should end there... BUT NO! There has to be a fuckin' 4th one! This one is just boring and the same shit all over again with more strings to pull off the jumpscares.

5. Silent Hill Revelations 3D

I enjoyed the first Silent Hill film, I thought it was close to being a good videogame adaptation but it wasn't good enough to claim the title. But this on the other hand is an example of how Video Games movies are done nowadays and it is just having a story that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, Characters that are from the Videogames crammed in there for no reason at all but to live up to the title of this movie. and bad 3D (the 3D is so horrible and I can't even tell what the hell was going on in the dark parts of the movie).

4. Taken 2

Taken 2, Is yet another cash grab movie we have in this list. Man, I would be happy about this movie being atleast a good action movie but it didn't try, I had my hopes up but the movie brought it down flat to the ground. It was a rather bland, senseless movie that i think is another good rental (too bad I didn't give that rating). I would've enjoyed this for the action alone but I couldn't tell what's going on with so many jump cuts. 

3. Resident Evil: Retribution

*sigh* only one movie left, If you read my review you know how angry I was with this movie (having the Resident Evil game franchise close to my heart). This movie is another senseless, badly acted, poorly told movie with some good enough action scenes here and there (despite the fact that they keep ripping off the Matrix) but really this movie is so bad that I thought i wasted a lot of money on this.

2. The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges, from the start hearing news about it (hell they even got this in my school's news journal at some point) I was never on-board with it and when i saw the trailer having it in "modern-day" (having the ******* Jersey Shoe cast in there) Is exactly why I'm afraid that this movie will turn out to be bad than i imagined it to be. And it ends up exactly what I'm expecting a terrible and unfunny movie. The kind of comedy the Three Stooges works for it's time and I did laughed my ass off watching the old reels but having it in modern day setting took out the magic (like HFR 3D to the Hobbit). I felt like i wasted an hour and a half of my life sitting through this unfunny movie that they call a  comedy. 

1.Piranha 3DD

Yes everyone knew this was coming, Piranha 3DD is such a terrible movie, so terrible it's number one in my list of the Worst Movies of 2012. This is just an insult to cinema, I don't care if the "director" of this movie is self-aware that this is a bad movie and he will make a bad movie, that is not an excuse to put this piece of shit out there. I can appreciate seeing naked women but I ain't paying big bucks to see it in the cinema and in bad 3D. Call me all you want for not liking that part of the movie but this is just a horribly made film.

And that was my list of the worst movies of 2012, I will have my Top 10 best of 2012 list by the end of January (Unfortunately) I still have to see a few movies (that happens to be getting released in January) that I would see If it is worthy to be in the list but so far... What do you think are the worst movies of 2012? Comment below let me know! (Please I sound lonely in this blog)

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