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Taken 2 – After the events of the original Taken movie, the same organization who took his daughter is now out to take revenge of all the lives he took from them. As Bryan returns to Turkey/Istanbul, He finds himself and his family in danger again as he and his wife got... Taken Too (Get It? Wink Wink)
"Give my movie a bad review will you?
I was a big fan of the first Taken movie, I t was a really huge surprise that year and an example of a quality action movie. It wasn’t your average action movie; It was fresh and original, But that new car smell is gone now when this movie came out. As much as I want to be optimistic about the movie, I just really can’t before going in to see this movie. There is nothing good to expect but just Liam Neeson kicking-ass and when he does, you can’t tell what the hell is going on because of the shitty editing which I will go through later. But Taken 2 ended up being a disappointment to me.

The movie’s only purpose is to get more money because of the surprising success the original had. But it is a very unnecessary move; In fact this entire movie is unnecessary to even exist! The story doesn’t even have anything to continue from the start. I think that having the Mob Boss to actually go out and kill Liam Neeson’s character is the only thing they have going for but the execution was done poorly. The villain of the movie is barely even a villain and not even as threatening as you are expecting him to be but rather stupid. He makes all these threats that he can’t even do which results too an obvious failure (who the hell would kidnap someone and leaves them alone in an are with no one guarding at all? I guess this guy is the answer). But when you think the villain is dumb even what the hero does is dumb, By now you've probably heard a lot of people saying this specific scene (which I'm pretty sure this movie is famous for it now) is the scene where Liam Neeson asks Maggie Grace to throw a grenade off of a rooftop so that he can hear it and find the exact location of where she is standing..... Yeah....... I think I met a few people from Istanbul who got pissed  because it made them look bad.

The movie is filled with very bad plot holes that made the storytelling a gigantic flaw, In a movie like this I would try to enjoy myself despite how bad the writing and acting is (Hell I enjoyed Expendables 2 even if that movie has flaws) but this didn't. The action is not really enjoyable because of the editing, The editing in this movie is like how the characters in Speed Racer talks; fast, choppy and sometimes annoying. Liam Neeson is the saving grace of this film, Without him this movie could go nowhere. But the rest of the cast was just bad. Maggie Grace who is really annoying me lately because this is possibly the second movie in a row where she always looks like that she's crying (Even in the second trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 2 made it look like she's pulling off the same thing).  Famke Jensen is also annoying in this movie, I get it you have to be scared and all but she was doing it rather over the top.

In the end as much as I was optimistic about this movie I was very disappointed with this movie. The execution is bad, I went in for the action anyways but i end up not knowing what was going on, the performances are your typical action movie type of acting (But Liam Neeson wasn't bad at all). If  I would suggest one thing and it is for you to go out buy a DVD of the original Taken movie and watch that instead, Avoid this movie in anyway you can.

0.5/5  - FAIL!

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