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Back in 2010, Despicable Me was one of those movies where you didn’t really expect it to be a hit; it may have been a gamble for the studios that time. With a hit like Despicable Me it is expected to have a sequel to be released in the coming years. It is a gamble whether or not Despicable Me 2 would be a bigger hit than its predecessor especially with the help of the walking yellow nuggets that are more known to the public as “minions”. 

Despicable Me 2 takes place years after the first film; Gru retires from being a villain to becoming a family man to three girls and running a business of making jelly with the help of his minions and Dr. Nefario. But he is meanwhile brought in by the Anti-Villain League and he is given an undercover assignment to stop a potential villain in the city mall.

I enjoyed the first Despicable Me film for what it is, it’s not the most mature animated film I have seen but I did enjoy and was entertained by the film anyways. I wasn’t really expecting much but to have a good time with the film and have laugh out loud moments by those minions, and I did. If you thought the Despicable Me 1 is good, this film gets better.

We can all agree that this is a rather childish film though I can see most adults both young and old can enjoy watching this. I was in a screening where it had older, teenage, middle-aged people than children in that screening and all of them had a good time, they laughed at every joke, and awed in every cute scene the film would throw out on the screen. Admittedly, I was one of those people.
The film is not really for everyone, mostly to those who are looking for an animated film that is deeply told. The story of the film is not entirely original nor is it a deeply-told-Oscar-winning kind either though it did tell a good enough kid-friendly story and at the same time it is a more legitimate animated spy movie than Cars 2. The film is definitely predictable, you can literally sniff what’s going to happen right before a certain event can happen; in fact 2-3 years ago,  when the news came out that there would be a sequel to Despicable Me I've always thought that it felt unnecessary to give it a sequel but as I thought about it I knew that they will bring a mom-figure and make Gru do something heroic in the sequel (called it). This film continues to expand family element of the story, the film telling story arcs like a daughter having an attraction for boys and living a life with only one parent weren’t really developed very well compared to the last film where the film is so big on that family element. I left the theater wishing that those particular elements could’ve been developed and have a proper ending to most of the situations being told earlier in the film.  
This film is an animated comedy at its – “ok-est”. The jokes in this movie is a mix bag of a lot of good a bit of bad; they are the kind of jokes that are pretty much typical childish humor that kids will enjoy and most of the kiddy jokes are the kind that us adults can get and can float around the kids’ heads, most of the jokes did fall flat in the film, mostly they are centered around some characters that are rather obnoxious and yet cringe worthy for someone like me (a 54-year old man in a 17-year old kid’s body). “G.P., how are the minions in the film?” well, the minions are actually used more in this movie; they’re not just in the background punching each other or making funny noises, in this film they actually have a hilarious song number by the end, they have more stuff to do, they have a huge plot point by the end, and even more genuine (enough) comedy for those walking yellow nuggets. In the theater, I don’t usually laugh by these kinds of things easily, but I end up laughing my ass off at most scenes.

The animation is perfect for the film; the movement is energetic, the colors are vibrant, and the character designs are fun to look at. I thought the 3D in this film is just good, compared to the first Despicable Me, the 3D is a bit nerfed down and I don’t think you’ll be missing out much on the 3D version of this.

The voice cast is great as always, hearing from their voices I can tell that everyone had a spectacular time voicing each character. Steve Carell’s impression of a Bela Lugosi-esque (ex-) villain really works on his character, Gru. I’ve always thought that he has the most unique voice out of the entire cast. New faces like Kristin Wigg was the perfect female cartoon voice, it is a no-brainer that she’d play a character this – exaggerated. Benjamin Bratt (or as I like to call him “generic guy who is a cop”) as this character El Macho, (besides the Minions) his character stole the show, especially that one particular scene where they introduce his past, though it could’ve been interesting to see how Al Pacino pulls off this character but for Benjamin Bratt he was pretty good. The remaining casts of characters like the kids and Russell Brand’s Dr. Nefario  are very good as always even though they have a bit less to do with the plot than they have in the last movie.

In the end, Despicable Me 2 didn’t really feel like an unnecessary sequel to begin with, it was actually enjoyable and in fact much more enjoyable than the last film. The voice acting is great as always, the animation is bright and energetic, and the film does deliver a solid story along with a hilarious comedic element to it. The movie had its fair share of flaws that did take me out of the film for a brief second of the film. The film is without a doubt fun for the whole family, I can actually see both kids and parents enjoying this (again, I was in a theater full of families and teenagers and they happen to enjoy this). If you are looking for an animated film that could be better than what Pixar has done in the past, this may not be it for you, in fact this good be a good rental for you.










4/5 - FOR THE WIN!

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