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Daniel Craig
Javier Bardem
Judi Dench

SKYFALL – James Bond returns in a new mission where he has to stop a cyber-terrorist from stealing classified files from MI6 but when he fails to do so, the entire MI6 find themselves being attacked by a rather large threat and James Bond have to return “back from the dead” and stop this threat once and for all.

There's no point in hiding that I am a huge James Bond fan (I mean aren't we all?), maybe I'll claim that title when i get the 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray. I was anticipating on Skyfall, trailer after trailer feels like this movie will be a comeback to that edgy Bond film that Casino Royale was. (*cough* screw Quantum of Solace) With Skyfall it retires from so-called “Continuity” and goes back to the basics which is having an all-new adventure for James BondI have to say I thought the movie is brilliant, I’m not British but it’s brilliant!

Surprisingly they paid homage to the classic Bond films. And when I say it pays homage, they really paid homage to the classic Bond films. Accompanied by the James Bond formula, the movie is self-aware and nostalgic at the same time. It has that Classic James Bond feel to it, just from the opening scene to the closing credits, Hell even that Adele song had that classy James Bond feel (and it surprisingly fits perfectly, reminds me of Pierce Brosnan/Sean Connery-era of songs). But it has they were still able to take the character and his world very seriously. And I've always like Bond films that stays away from being a campy and over the top film, I believe James Bond is more than that.With Q coming back to the big screen which is a pretty big surprise when i first heard that he’ll be in it, I was pretty curious on how they’ll handle him because Q is the reason why some of the early bond films are pretty campy/cheesy. I love how self-aware this movie is at some point, they even made fun of some old Bond gadgets.

Putting the fact that it pays homage to the classics talk aside, what about the entirety of the movie? The new Bond films aren’t exactly straight forward as it used to be there are layers upon layers of what they can do with the character and it shows here in this movie. In this movie Daniel Craig continues to prove that he can be the most effective James Bond that we ever had in this very strong series of movies. They also develop this new villain played by Javier Bardem as he perform as this (like i said) flamboyant, speechifying and threatening Bond villain yet oddly enough he reminds me of Hannibal Lecter in Buffalo Bill’s body, I know that i keep saying the word surprised but the amount of seriousness they brought to this character is very surprising. He wasn't that cat-petting and world domination type of person, He's one of those villains who is this really hurt person who is just out to kill that one person. And lastly we also have Judi Dench as M and this time around she gets more development personally with James Bond and I thought it was surprising that the movie transitioned that way, I wasn’t really expecting that the movie will end up having those kinds of moments.

The way they take the character of James Bond, to another level since Casino Royale. I always noticed that you tend to forget that this is a Bond film. Sure in Quantum of Solace tries to be different, trying to put the character to another level fails in terms of execution. But here it shows that they really took the character to another level, It's more of a very, very intense drama (don't worry there's action in the film, why do you think I said it was intense). Sam Mendes, did a flawless job bringing this dark, Intense, and action packed drama to us. This is Sam Mendes' love letter to the franchise, It's one of the best Bond films I've seen, yet defintely the one of the best movie I've seen EVER. I highly recommend that you see this movie immediately. I would also recommend seeing this in IMAX a friend told me that it looks immaculate in IMAX screens. From the shots of the film (which is very, very well shot) I can tell that this surely looks tremendous in IMAX screens.

My Rating:
5/5 - EPIC WIN! 

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